Lechon for Lunch

One of Coach's favorite food is lechon. It is crispy, juicy, sumptuous roasted pork. Not far from us is a tiny roadside stand that is open only on Saturdays.
Today when the owner/cook saw my camera he went all out to make sure I had the full experience. 

Why he gave the pig's head to Coach to hold is beyond me. Maybe he thought it was a good photo op. Do you see the Mrs. in the upper right hand corner? She wasn't too open to me UNTIL I took off my sunglasses and we looked into each other's eyes. I need to remember to remove them sooner is such situations.
A sample of crispy skin...how does one refuse that when offer so kindly. He is a man proud of his work.

One pound please...no problem.

Use this homemade sauce with extreme caution.

 This is the father. 
He sat and watched me with my camera. Finally he came up to me and stood close. I showed him the pictures I'd been taking. He nodded, smiled and went back to his chair. Later I asked if I could take his picture. He shrugged and nodded. 
Although I like all three photos it is the last one that I feel captured the man that I observed. 

Back to my tour. 
With excitement the cook waved me to follow him and presented me with this sight. His homemade roasting setup.
 Yeah, I know this wouldn't pass any inspection rules in the states, and I did have an inner "oh no" moment. But isn't a state, its a territory of the USA and thus able to retain its uniqueness and that is a good.

 The next place he couldn't wait to show me was over here...I just figured what they didn't sell on Saturday they frozen and he was letting me know it was available. 
Boy, was I wrong!

 I felt like I was in a scene from CSI.
The seal of U.S. inspection just made me laugh.

 But wait, the tour wasn't over yet. The stand is in their little front yard right off the road. Their house is ten steps away.

 And inside Mr. Owner/Cook wanted me to meet Oscar. 
Seriously?? Oscar? 
"How long have you had Oscar?" 
"Oh, seven years or so." 
At least that's what I think he said. It could have been 17. 
But by then I really didn't care. Oscar disturbed me. 
I realize that might seem odd...
I was fine with the roasted pig head. Fine with the lack of sanity conditions. Fine with the pig in the freeze. 
But NOT fine with Oscar.
Go figure

 When we were leaving I asked if I could take a picture of them. Neither one was too excited as the first photo shows but they were gracious. As I snapped and we laughed they relaxed.
Continually I am amazed at how language barriers can evaporate with a smile.

This is a LATE participation with Patty's meme.
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