"K" is for...

Today I am participating in Patty's (my sister) meme.

"K" is for kaizen around my house. This word has been a mainstay in our family for years. Its been talked about daily in business, basketball and daily life. And now I'm using it with my blog.

The other day while searching for a desktop vision board program I stumbled upon a really cool program that has made my kaizen activity so much easier. Its Ript.

“Organise all those clippings in one place”

by Nick Mead about Ript
"Ript basically adds a new option to Internet Explorer and Firefox. It enables you to drag images from the Internet to a floating clipboard that stores everything that's posted to it. You could easily compare it to Safari MAC OSX Tiger. Part scrapbook, part “to-do” list (or to-buy list), Ript mimics the actions of ripping, piling and arranging scraps of information. If you can see it on your computer, you can “rip” it - simple as that. Simply drag and drop images and text from the internet or your computer and arrange them however you please..."
Here's my to do list today:

And this one is the result of reading the Better Homes and Gardens email that I receive:

It is so simple and easy. No more left click, copy, paste, labeling where I found it and why I like it.  I simply click, drap and drop. It even makes a cool "ripping" sound! A button on each  "ript" piece flips it over and shows where it came from with the link and has a place for my notes. 
I love vision boards...They work. I LOVE "Ript."
I make them, save them as a jpg, file them in with my pictures and forget about them (an important aspect of vision boards).
I can print it out just like a photo and post it wherever I want. 
Ript is no longer supported. The website doesn't work. It is a freeware program and can be downloaded at Softonic.
The next area that I'll be using kaizen will be our new house here in Quebradillas, Puerto Rico. 
A long time dream, a vision, an opportunity, an adventure ...
now a reality.
Our Coastal Casa