I thought I'd take a break from the doors, windows, balconies, and door handles that I've been watermarking for a future post. I needed to see some people. 

While in the DR we stayed at the Mercure Comercial Hotel right in the middle of the Colonial Zone. The rooms are small, musty smelling and air conditioning is spastic. However, it was the perfect place to be because I was free to roam and discover while Coach (what do you think, does it work for TF?) had business meetings out and about.

 My favorite spot was out on the veranda where I could enjoy a cafe con leche (Patty, did I say that correctly?), read, write and snap pictures.

 Most of the time I could snap away unobserved. 

 Everyday these men would gather for coffee and discussions. 

 People passing...young and old...residents and visitors... so many stories.

 This wall across the side street was interesting. The little chalkboard is for the taxi drivers. They would write their name and the time they arrived in order to keep who was next in line.

 When I uploaded my pictures on day this one was just black. I clicked the adjustment button and this surprised me. I took it on a walk to the central plaza. The camera's settings were all wrong, but I love the look.

 The hotel we'll stay at during our next visit. Old world, spacious rooms and common areas would be perfect.

 In front of the First Cathedral of America is the Christopher Columbus Park, a constant hub of activity day and night. Rousing games of dominoes provided a constant source of animated conversation.

For the most part my camera and I went unnoticed, but occasionally I was caught.

After spending hours a day watermarking and re-sizing pictures I decided to try Picasa's watermarking and re-sizing. What do you think? Is the image quality still there? It seems far too simple.