New Chair, Some Favorite Things & a Rainy Day

Its a rainy Tuesday...Hurricane Irene's tail end has kept us in rain all day.
I simply love an occasional rainy day. Today has been spent reading some fantastic blogs. 

I love Jif peanut butter and was thrilled to find it on the grocery shelves here.

 I am a soup lover! Dear coach surprised me with a yummy local soup on this rainy afternoon.

 The neighborhood cat looking at me accusingly when I didn't welcome her into my home today.
That look while on the welcome mat was a bit low. Yes, I love a nice cat, but I don't want one now.

Yes, I'm serious. An exercise ball. Since being in PR I have struggle greatly with uncomfortable chairs and sofas. I'm tall but not that tall, I don't think. However, 5'7" in PR is taller than most of the women (and men). The futon here at our temporary rental just kills my back and legs. One of my favorite blog reads is Lifehacker and recently they did an article on using exercise balls for office chairs. Since one of my first Coastal Casa purchases was going to be a GOOD office chair I thought I'd give the ball a try. $10 vs $200...what do I have to lose? Well, I love, yes LOVE the thing. When a favorite song comes on I can bounce. When my back is tried of sitting I roll out and stretch my back out. It was a fantastic $10 purchase!

 The cat, who needs a name, is still out there. Looking at me longingly as the rain comes down. My wet beach towel is now all catted up. I still won't let her in, but I did share my meat sandwich with her.

 Okay--a few more of my favorite things. My big camera backpack by Tenba. It came with a rain flap that has saved my camera a couple of times now. Lots of room for lens, my point & shoot Canon, batteries.
I also really  like my little case for when I just need to grab and go. Case Logic is just the right size for my SLR with its 18-55mm lens. 

Steno notebooks use to be a stand by for me...but somewhere along the road I lost touch with them. My laptop, iphone and other such stuff made it seem un-needed. Well, becoming a traveler once again made me realize how much I missed it. There's something solid about pen and paper. I use it for notes, to-do lists and random thoughts and ideas.
The plastic box behind it is one of my many Really Useful Boxes. I found these years ago and was thrilled when they become available in the USA. 

Now I'm off to my favorite beach for a late walk...the rain has stopped, for now, and my arse needs a break from my fantastic office chair. 
Hasta mañana