El Conuco

Upon our arrival to Santo Domingo, DR our friend took us to this restaurant. It was a good introduction to the city and country. 

The food was so good...authentic, simple and full of flavors.

 The colors and texture within the restaurant just drew me in.
 Old chairs.
Red worn paint. 
Hemp woven seats.
Hungry eyes...No, I didn't share.

 A cozy place for two...

Long conversations and lingering meals seem to be standard for this country.

A quiet window corner with wonderful light...

Orange walls, red table cloths, navy blue...fun.
In the book that I am reading, The Silence of Trees, it says that orange is the color of endurance and strength. I like that.

This table made me long for family...kids, the grands, parents, sisters, extended, those present & those past...

Time to linger...to relish flavors and personalities...conversation.