Colonial Zone, DR

The Colonial Zone is a small town nestled within the city of Santo Domingo. It is referred as the "Cradle of America." A part of the Colonial Zone (Zona Colonial) is the Fortress of Santo Domingo (Fortelaza Ozama). 

Angel was a gracious host and willing took us around throughout our week in the DR. 
This bokeh picture of Tim and our friend Angel caused me to wonder about all the people who lived and worked in this fort throughout the years. The history of this area dates back to 1492 when Columbus landed here. Yet before that the Taino Indians lived here. It is an island that has been invaded and fought over for centuries. 
I often closed my eyes and tried to imagine living here...tried to imagine the feelings and emotions when invaders were spotted on the river.

Coral is used throughout the Zona Colonial. Can you spot it in the above picture?

I like frames within frames pictures.