Arial Views

Our recent trips to Dominican Republic and Orlando, FL were taken on JetBlue, and I discovered that I really like this airline. Unlike some other airlines, that I won't name, I didn't  feel like I needed two seats in order to be comfortable. We also discovered that for an extra $25 you can "upgrade" to an even roomier seat up front. Yes, we took advantage of it and enjoyed not having to rub elbows with our neighbors. 

While on the flight Saturday I watched one of the movie options--for free--on my own little screen on the back of the seat in front of me. 
This is a great movie! But beware: many movies I love others think are weird...that is my disclaimer if you watch the movie and hate it. I watched another great one yesterday...told my neighbor about this "great" movie we had just watched (I'll have to tell you about it sometime). She wanted to know which one, so I told her. She looked at me and said, "I've seen that movie. It was so weird." 

 Back to our flight on Saturday...
It was fun to see the island from the air and have it hit me once again that we are actually living here. 
As I peered out the window I snapped away without really noticing what I was looking at. So I was surprised when I saw the above picture and realized where it was. Remember the Old Spanish Lighthouse Ruins? That's it on the right.

Here it is up close and personal.

It's interesting how perspective can change one's point of view.