Cliff to Coast

82 steep steps then they simply stop. The path from the steps to shore is rough, covered in palm fronds, coconuts, almonds, leaves, and hermit crabs. Tree roots and rocks create makeshift steps that keep me from tumbling to the rock coastline.

Hermit Hill

Every step is treacherous and trying not to step on the hermits is tough.
They love to eat away the outer fleshy hull of the almond which is pink here. 

Hermits just aren't a favorite of mine especially in huge numbers and large sizes.

However, I am willing to dodge hermit crabs for this:

Stepping out of the jungle to this is amazing.

The other day I spent 2 hours on the shore as the sun set.
I love how the colors from the setting sun reflect off the water and waves.

Its rough and rocky...

bold and beautiful...

mysterious and...