Quebradillas, Puerto Rico

Today we moved. 
The anticipation of what the location and house would be like held no anxiety only curiosity.

Well...we were giddy with delight. Casas Lara truly is a hidden paradise. 

We are on the 2nd floor, so come on up and take a look at our views.

This is looking east from the balcony...

and this is looking west.

The house is 30 feet from the cliff's edge & about 200 feet up from sea level.

As I was standing at the edge snapping pictures a wonderful fragrance hit me. Even now as I type in the living room the scent is reaching me. It reminds me of honeysuckle...magical.

We have been planning to wait til October to begin searching for a more permanent place. Today from the moment we arrived it felt like home. As I stood at the cliff's edge and looked back at the house I simply wondered...
We are here for the next eight days. I cannot wait to begin exploring in the morning!

August Update: This will be home for us from October 1st 2011- December 2012!! We are so excited.