My Return

Recently I have become aware of a pattern in my life.When there is something that I want to do or accomplish my first step is to research. I love to research, investigate and study. Sounds good, right? Well, my problem is that I research the daylights out of "it" then have no time or energy left to do "it." I often get hung up on what I cannot accomplish instead of what I can accomplish. 

A shift happened in April. For almost two years I've listened and watched friends enjoy their vegetable garden. I have shared in their excitement, provide used coffee grounds from Starbucks, and even helped load and haul a lot of horse manure for their gardens. In April I decided that I too would like to have a garden. So I began my research. Where to put a garden? What type of garden? Raised beds? What to plant? How to plant? What kind of dirt? Where to get the dirt? My list of questions grew...I decided upon a raised bed. I found a website that showed me how to do it and gave a list with pictures of what I needed to buy. 

It was during this time that my parents came for their bi-annual visit. I shared my plans and thoughts with Mom. She is a doer...and was ready to jump in and help. We talked with Dad, another doer, and the next morning we went outside to look around and find a spot to start the garden. It was interesting to see the two of them in action. Mom was ready to jump in the truck and go with me to the store to purchase everything we needed. Dad on the other hand simply said, "Just start with what you have." Ahh...Keep It Simple, Sweetie.
 Dirt? The back of our property has a whole mounded area of dirt from when they built the foundation-go there. Yes, its red clay, but its dirt that we already have...its free. 

While getting the truck loaded up with dirt we found an old wooden post--a good beginning for making a raised bed. Behind the barn Mom and I found 3 pieces of discarded 2x12s-all just the right sized we needed...a raise bed that was free. WoW! The beginning of a garden...all in a few simple steps that consisted of doing what we could with what we had. Talk about a life lesson.

We made 3 mounds for zucchini, yellow squash and cucumbers. Miracle Grow Vegetable Garden soil and some cow manure helped break up the clay. Dad put in some re-bar to stabilize the boards.Next step: plant.
Mom and Dad helped me plant the seeds: two rows of green beans, lettuce, arugula, and Swiss chard. After they left I purchased seedlings: zucchini, yellow squash and cucumbers plus two cabbage plants, a thai pepper, sweet pepper, basil, thyme, rosemary and two tomato plants.

 My teacher made me two additional boxes for raised beds plus some strawberry plants. Radishes, garlic chives, mixed lettuces and India mustard greens joined the group.

Thus, my gardening adventure began. What fun I've had watching my garden grow! Just wait til you see what it looks like now.