Inch by Inch

After planting the seeds the waiting began. Would the seeds sprout? Did I plant them upside down? ;-) How many days would it take for them to show themselves? Multiple times a day I went out to watch my garden grow.
The first bean sprouts were thrilling to behold! I marveled at the breaking of the earth as this little growth pushed its way to the surface with such determination.

Once on the surface it didn't take long for the sprouts to stretch out and grow leaves. This is just beautiful to me.

Planting the seeds upside down didn't seem to be a problem. The problem came when it was time to thin the bean plants.
How does one go about deciding which little plant to pull? Why cannot all of them stay and grow and produce? Already it was obvious that for some of the plants to grow stronger some were going to have to be pulled.
The beans have been thinned. The arugula is flourishing. Yesterday I cut some and greatly enjoyed it with my tuna sandwich. I cannot wait to show you what the little boys found yesterday.
Today I realized that growth is contagious. Its an interesting thought that I look forward to going deeper with.