A Work in Progress

This quilt has been withheld from the blogging world because it is a gift for my dmil who is now visiting with us. So I figure it is safe to blog it now--I think-I hope.
The colors has been so much fun to work with.
The top is sewn together, and the pieced borders are made. Hopefully tomorrow while they are out house-hunting I can get the borders sewn on. My goal is to complete the quilt by the 20th so that she can take it home with her.
I choose to go with the cream neutrals instead of "light" prints, but now I'm not so sure if I like it. The top looks "naked" to me, but I think that once the colorful pieced border is on it will frame it all nicely. After the borders are on I will show it to her. Then I'll be able to machine quilt the top when she is around.
We went to Oklahoma Quiltworks this afternoon. My next project has been decided!