I Have Been Tagged...

by Perry at OKperi's Place to tell you 7 thinngs weird or random facts about myself, so here goes.

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(1) I am a cookie addict. I will eat a whole bag of cookies all by myself in l
less than 24 hours. After the first 10 or so I don't even enjoy them; I just keep eating them.
(2) I have traveled a lot and love it. My travels have taken me to Africa (3x), Israel, New Zealand, Scotland, England, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Netherlands & other Europe countries that I cannot remember right now and the wonderfully diverse USA.
(3) One of my most favorite escape movies is "Under the Tuscan Sun," but I love the book even more.
(4) I really like the smell of permanent markers. Everytime I open one to use it I smell it before I use it and before I cap it. Does this make me bad?? I have a secret fear (not so secret anymore I guess) that one of these times I'm going to sniff it too closely and have a colored nose. Now, how would I ever explain that?
(5) Since turning 40 I have run a 1/2 marathon and a full marathon (26.1 miles). I would love to run some more in the future too.
(6) I have known my dear husband since I was 8 years old. Our parents were best friends and our families took vacations together and spent holidays together as we were growing up.
(7) My favorite hot beverage is a latte made with half and half. And since I have now finished this meme I think that I need a latte and some cookies (but only two). :-)
I am now tagging: Toni, my dear sister Patty, Tracey, and my fellow Oklahoman Mama Koch. Since this meme has been going around a lot again, I will also be a rebel and only tag 4.