First 2008 Finish

The Roman Holiday Yellow Brick Road is done and has been delivered.

I love the backing on this quilt! But the backing happened only because I miscut (sob, sigh and flashing dollar signs) the backing I had first chosen. When I went to the quilt shop to purchase more I was stunned to be told they had sold out of it.A half an hour later I found the "perfect" fabric.

I made this for my Mom. We've both been quilting for many, many years. She has made so many quilts and has given most of them away. I have two from her that are cherished possessions , and she had made multiples for every family member. Yet, this is the first one that I've made from her. Somehow I thought she wouldn't want one from me since she is also a quilter. How wrong I was...How sad I was to hear how much she would love a qulit from me, sad because of all the years that had passed without me thinking of it. So it was with great joy that I finished this quilt off and prepared it for the mail. I only wished that I could have hand delivered it to her, but I wasn't willing to wait that long. It had already been too long. After a 45 minute wait in line at the Post Office-a whole other story-I said good-bye to the YBR.

Mom called as soon as she received it. She was expecting a box of books from me. I had to tell her something so she'd be watching for the box, and I did throw a couple of Elm Creek Quilt books in the box too. :-)

Lesson learned from this:

  • Don't wait.

  • Don't over think.

  • Follow your gut.

  • Speak from the heart.

  • Do it now.

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