Pieces in Progress

Thursday--We woke to a snowy, cold, winter day. Brr...Our driveway was snow covered and icy, so my dear man offered to drive me to the dentist for my scheduled root canal at 1 PM. I survived just fine and we skated our way home on ice covered roads. Home is a wonderful place to be on a cold winter night.

Shhh...don't tell my Mom that Star loves the afghan she made us years ago. We lost our Molly several weeks ago in an accident. Star went through a definite grieving time period after her sister died, but she is doing much better now. She spends a lot of time next door with our two little grandsons who just love her to pieces. They kept her busy and filled her days with love. She comes over to us when she needs a kid break.

I spent some time yesterday cutting out the next 5 Patchwork Sampler block pieces. By placing the pieces and directions in individual bags I can grab one and work on it inbetween other ongoing projects. I realized that I kept going back to the colored pattern cover when choosing fabric. For me it is like looking at a puzzle's cover while working on it. So I quickly printed of a copy of the quilt and then cut out each tiny little block and pasted it onto the each block's directions. It worked great and helped me stay forcused.

Block #4 -Railroad Crossing-of the Patchwork Sampler is done. I'm not too happy with the points of the some of the flying geese and might make another one later one. Flying geese aren't a favorite of mine, actually I fear them. How sad is that?

Tah Dah! The baby Spider Web quilt has been so much fun to do. My goal is to quickly get it sandwiched and machine quilted and set aside just in case one of the two new grandbabies is a boy. We found out this week that Son #2 and ddil are having a baby GIRL! As soon as this one is done, I get to start a PINK baby quilt.

For many years I HATED doing borders. I would get the top put together and stop at the borders. I'd have to work myself up mentally to tackle the borders. I'm not like that anymore. I now LOVE the final piecing element of getting the borders on. It is like saving the best bite of a great dinner for your last bite...divine. Dessert...the binding...complelte satisfaction!
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