Back Again

I've been gone too long. No excuses or reasons...just life. Thanks Bren, for the encouragement to post an update. Let's see if I can give a quick one on what has been going on since October (how embarrassing!!).

*Mark and Faith (son #3) are expecting their first baby sometime in June. This will be our 4th grandchild!

*Both Katie's (due June 7th) and Faith's baby "bumps" are growing and are too precious! Already I wonder about these new little ones. What will they be like (male or female)? Personalities? Red hair?? Curls?? I get so excited!

*I moved my quilting room out of the living room. It was just too hard to put everything away once a week when the kids all came over to dinner. It is now in the guest room and I love it there.

*Since the holidays I have been sewing and working on some UFOs. Pictures will be shared in a future post.

*This week our dear Molly dog died (she is the one with her eyes open). Rob & Ashley have been tenderly caring for her sister Star. Their little boys have kept Star busy and helped her during this grieving process. We've had sibling dogs before, and their grief is heartbreaking when one goes before the other.

I have many quilting projects to post and share. Some are mine, some my ddil Ashley's and some are my Mom's.

*Since August 2007 I have been back into a consistent exercise program (Body for Life) and have loved doing it and seeing the results. Mostly, it has helped me get out of the mental and emotional "funk" that I'd struggled with for the last 3 years. Once again I feel like myself and in control. What a blessing that has been.

*David (son #2) isn't being deployed to Iraq at this time. He has had complications with a past broken shoulder. I'm thrilled beyond words.

*My dear, wonderful Dad's cancer is back and he is fighting that. He is doing really well though. My dh and I spent Christmas with my parents in Arizona. It was a great time. My Mom just now called on their way home from the doctors. My Dad's PSA level has dropped to an amazing 1.46!! At Christmas he was in the high 20's. The hormone treatment they have him on it working. What a blessing!

*My latest project has been making napkins using the directions from Nicole at My Sister's Choice. I love the pattern and cannot wait to make more!

*The last number of months have given us much time with our 2 little grandsons. Precious times indeed!