Roddie's Quilt


I'm so excited to finally be able to post this finished quilt!

In October 2006 while visiting family in Vermont I found fabric and a pattern that was just perfect for my dear friend, Roddie. The work on her quilt was interrupted when she and I worked on a quilt for someone fighting a cancer battle. We referred to that quilt as the one that held our tears: a sad quilt. This quilt brought us to another point as it is a happy quilt.

Isn't this just the perfect reaction?
She had no idea that this was coming.
Isn't wonderful to give such special gifts?
How I love to give and receive a quilted gift.

The top had been done for awhile as I tried to decide how to quilt it. I've used some local long arm quilters before and their work was great, but it took far too long to get the quilts back from them. So this time I decide to try Judy Laquidara. I love her blog and made her Quilt for an Hour a Day "Grattitudes" quilt awhile back. We emailed back and forth and then I sent my flimsy and backing off to her. Judy was GREAT with communicating with me via email. She gave me options for the quilting pattern, batting and thread color as well as her opinion which I really liked. It was so easy to decide what to do and then get a check off in the mail. The quilting came out beautifully!

It's hard to get a good picture of the quilting, but the sun highlighted it well here. Thanks, Judy, for a great job!