Baby Spiderwebs!

Look what I fell head over heels for!

When I saw this pattern in the Summer 2007 issue of "Fons & Porter's Fun Quilts" I just couldn't wait to try it out. I have a lot of 1930s fabric leftover from baby quilts and the kaleidoscope design really caught my eye.

Now I SHOULD be getting ready for a house full of people that will be arriving tonight for an incredibly yummy dinner of smoked ribs, sweet beans and other goodies.

Remember dh us the "chef;" I'm just the table setter & clean up person.

But I just couldn't help myself....

I began sewing the strips together last night.

Today I cut just two of the strips so that I could begin to play around.

It will be so much fun to play around with all the different combinations. I can hardly wait!

But since this is the area I need for the dinner table, I had best put away my toys and get busy.

But once the kids have all left, and once the kitchen is all clean again THEN I get back to my spider web play!