Baby Spiderwebs Ready for Trimming

Although these spiderwebs have been fun to work with, I am ready to be done with them. The blocks are completed and ready to be trimmed up and sewn together. Five baby quilts using these fabrics is enough for me. I'm ready to move on.

Last night I gave my new darning foot a trial run, and it was so much fun! In all my years of quilting this was the first time that I have ever attempted to do stippling. My goal is to do a meandering all over Josiah's baby quilt, so I need to practice. In looking at other stippling quilting I realized that my stitches aren't true stippling or meandering. I really don't know what to call it, but I like it enough to want to get better at it.
This block has been in my UFO pile for many years. It was fun to finish it off as a practice quilting piece. I have several more of these hanging around and will continue to practice using the darning foot on them.