Yellow Brick Road Experiment

Awhile back while shopping in a quilt store I saw a pattern that I found ugly, but the back had information that I needed for yardage on backing. The shop keeper made a comment that "every quilter has made the Yellow Brick Road." Well, I hadn't, and I couldn't think of why I'd want to. But her comment kind of got my goat. I bought the pattern. Did I feel some need to prove that I am a quilter? Is it like a runner being called a "jogger?" I remember feeling intimated by the term "runner" and wondering how many races I had to run or how many miles I had to complete in order to become a real "runner." Sometimes having one's goat "got" is a good motivator!

When Ashley (ddil#1) was looking for a new quilt pattern I showed her the Yellow Brick Road. She liked it and chose it. Since I'd be helping her I figured that I had better made one first and see if there were any bumps in the directions.

Any excuse to run to the quilt shop is a good one. I used Moda's Roman Holiday line for my 12 fat quarters.

I love June Taylor Shape Cut Plus that my dmil gave me this past Christmas. I've used my 12 incher for years, but this 18 incher is great!

It makes cutting strips so quick and easy.

This one of my favorite quilting sights-the pile of freshly sewn pieces all neatly stacked right from the sewing machine.

The blocks are just laid out on the floor. I keep walking past them and making changes. What a fast, easy quilt to make! From the first pressing of the fat quarters to the laying out of the blocks on the floor was under 4 1/2 hours.

Does this now make me a "real" quilter?? ((s))