Quilts & Goodbyes

My ddil #1 came over Sunday evening ready to begin a new quilt. She knew she wanted to do a scrap quilt and had fun going through my scraps looking for fabric as she tried to decide which pattern to go with.

While she and I were going through fabric and patterns ds & ddil #3 came over to say goodbye. They had spent the day packing all their earthly goods into their little car and were ready to begin their long drive PA where they will be going to college. How I dislike these goodbyes, but I am excited for them as they begin their new adventure.

Although they will be far from home they have our love and prayers and their quilts. (((smiles)))

After everyone left I had a quilting mess to tidy up which was a blessing as it gave me something to do. Then I continued working on baby Josiah's quilt.

Monday ddil#1 came over and began her Yellow Brick Road quilt. Her excitment to be quilting again is refreshing. This is her second quilt, and she has her third quilt pattern all picked out and is anxious to get fabric for that project.

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