Wedding #3: David & Katie

Our final wedding was Saturday, June 16th, at 11AM.

David & Katie simply glowed as they shared their special day with family and close friends. All tiredness from the week's activities vanished as we rejoiced at gaining yet another incredible daughter!

My dh & me with our 4 sons and their wives.

It hasn't fully sunk in that all four of our sons are now married. The whirlwind week of weddings is over, but my head is still spinning.

Our local paper, the Daily Oklahoman, did an article about our week of weddings. It was an interesting experience having a photographer and reporter in our home during a large extended family dinner. I'm very grateful for the added record of this very special time in our family's life. You can read the article and see the related slideshow at:

I'm off to rest for awhile!