Quilt Time

Last night we had the LAST wedding reception, and it was so fun to just kick back, relax and dance the evening away with good friends and family. It was the perfect ending to a great week.
Today the remaining family all headed back to their homes. It is quiet here at the house now.
My dh was a sweetie this afternoon and took me to the longarm quilter and picked up my almost forgotten quilts. The quilting came out beautifully! Tomorrow I plan on getting the binding sewed on so that I can whip stitch the binding tomorrow night.
I did not like this quilt while making it. But now that it is complete, I really do like it. It is so fun of color and life!
The backing is a bit wild for this double Irish chain quilt. Not sure it was a good choice, but it is done. I do like the fabric though.
It was a nice treat to collect the quilts today. It felt like I accomplished something holding them both in my arms when in reality I simply picked them up from the quilters. :-) My quilts gave me comfort, and isn't that what they are suppose to do?
I look forward to getting some quilting time in this week.