Cheesy Thread Storage

Can you believe that I have yet to sew a stitch? ( Yes, I'm sure most of you can believe it.) I've had the time and the desire, but I haven't been able to put the two together-yet. Today I did get to the quilt shop only to be greeted by "Going out of business" signs. What a shock that was...very disappointing.

Although I haven't sewed-yet, I have been thinking about it a lot and just being able to do that seems like a luxury!
I was able to get backing material for a flimsy, thread to add to my stash and hexagon paper pieces. At the quilt shop they had orphan spools of thread in old cheese boxes. I have a number of those myself and use them to store tea bags.
I love neat storage containers verse boring plastic ones of which I have many. So out with the tea bags and in with the thread.