A Quilt Completed

Friday, before we left town on Saturday, I was able to finish off DW's quilt.
This quilt was a joint project. I did the piecing and friend Roddie did all the embrodiery. It was made for a friend who is battling ovarian cancer. It hasn't been a simple project for many reasons. But it is a project that both Roddie and I have been commited to and one we made with much love.

I love how the backing works with all the fabrics, yet it has its own zing...it reminds me so much of Debbie.

Roddie chose Bible verses for each of the six blocks that have special meaning to Debbie.

Around the inner border Roddie put the song, "You Are My All and All" by Dennis Jernigan. This song was written for Debbie years ago when she lost a baby. It truly has become her song, and it has followed this quilt through each stage. When I was in Hobby Lobby on Thursday purchasing the DMC thread to tie off the quilt the song began playing. I couldn't believe it!

When I was putting the final stitch into this quilt the normal joy that comes with completing a quilt wasn't there. It was a very bittersweet moment. A week ago Debbie took a terrible turn for the worse. It is with heavy hearts that we completed our quilt. Roddie will be delivering it tomorrow, Monday, April 23, 2007.

Debbie and I have been estranged for almost 3 years now. We had to part ways in a painful, complex way, yet we have continued to love each other and pray for each other. When you lose a friend, however you lose them, it is painful. We did see each other for a quick hug and a few words in December; for that I am very thankful.

So it is with a heavy heart that I share our quilt, Debbie's quilt, with you all.