A Vunerable Spot

IMG_0117 There are times in life when I feel emotionally handicapped, and I wish there was a sign that I could hang around my neck alerting people that I need a special spot to park in for awhile. Maybe it should help to know that it is hormone induced, but it doesn't. The only other times I can really recall this emotional handicapped feeling-at this level-was during pregnancies when the old hormones were doing cartwheels within me. I am so grateful for God's promises that He will never leave me nor forsake; what an incredible promise to hold onto especially when I feel like leaving me! Tim holds onto me as well, but that too can annoy the socks off of me...If he acted the way I act, I'd go on a long vacation without him.

IMG_0134 I am trying to get back on a consistent schedule with my hormone replacement therapy, but when I'm emotionally and mentally challenged like this doing something so simple becomes overwhelming. It is a vicious cycle that only I can stop by simply doing the little things.

I still have my sense of humor though...I continue to look for that special parking spot just for me!