Snowflake's Border Problem

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This quilt is a work in progress....some of you have watched it grow and know abit of it's story. The whole story will have to wait until it has been given to its recipient. For now I need some help, and so I'm only showing a portion of the quilt.

In my attempt to take a short cut (never a good idea), I sewed the two borders together before attaching the borders to the quilt. I simply didn't process what would happen to the inner border. I know better than this...but I still did it. Go figure...I think some of it is a mental block that I have regarding borders...I just don't enjoy doing them. I could piece all day long, but do borders...groan & sigh!

Does it look bad? Can I get away with it? I could take apart the corners and piece in the second border fabric. Someone is waiting for the top in order to do her embroidery work on the red border...

I think I'm going to leave it as is. It bothers me, yet I think I'll be the only one to ever "know" how it should be.

On another note: we are bracing for a winter ice storm...a major event for central Oklahoma. We are settled in, and if it gets bad then we'll enjoy being safe and sound with no place that we need to go.