Pink Baby Quilt Done

Last night I finished the binding off on the "simple" pink baby quilt. I really enjoyed doing the hand quilting in the utility stitch fans. It went quickly and was very relaxing. Since our second grand baby (due in April) is a boy...this quilt will be put away for some future grandchild. Sooner or later one of my sons should produce a granddaughter, don't you think?

We continued to be covered in ice. Central Oklahoma has fared much better than eastern Oklahoma...we never lost our electricity.

I've continued to plug away on my quilting studio. It is getting cozier and more comfortable. I really am enjoying my time there. Today my dh and I brought down one of my favorite comfort chairs: a green (favorite color) leather chair and ottoman. It is just perfect for reading and planning new quilting projects!

I've also continued to tweak my sewing area...I flipped my sewing machine around to put me steps from the big cutting table and pressing station. I love having secondary pressing and cutting stations right at my elbows while sewing...but I still get up often to use the big tables. I kept having to walk around the counter top and support pole. I like the new set up a lot!