Dot to Dot Baby Quilt

At a recently afternoon at Barnes and Nobles I came across a quilt in Fons & Porter's Love of Quilting magazine (January/February 2007) that just captured my attention. I couldn't wait to get started.
Thursday I flew into the quilt shop with one goal: to get fabrics to begin this new quilt for our coming second grandson. I don't think that I've ever purchase fabric for a quilt so quickly! It was a real power shopping episode. The fat quaters at the shop made it easy to grab and go.
I had to pick my dh up at a specific time, thus the great hurry. Even in my great rush I was late picking him up, but at least I had my fabric. ;)

The 49 block quilt was larger than I wanted the baby quilt to be. The 25 block size will be great once the border is on. I had planned on cutting the circles out and appliqueing them on, but the more I look at the squares set on point (on the design board) the more I like the look of them. Maybe I'll ditch the circles and the corners on the cream blocks and finish it off this way. I could applique the sqaures onto the larger cream blocks.
It has been a fun and easy project; I look forward to sewing it all together and having it ready and waiting for the new little guy!