Canon A640

Today I finally put all my research into gear and bought a new digital camera. Imaging Resource is a great website for researching any digital camera. I settled in on the Canon A640. I kept flip-flopping between a small compact "point & shoot" and a larger SLR. I just couldn't come to grips with going back to lugging around a huge camera again. So I compromised...the A640 is a "point and shoot," but it also has the option of going manual. So far, I like it.

Jonathan's quilt offers a great background to the new camera box. Boy, this is a major hand quilting project! I tried using my quilting frame and just couldn't get comfortable using it again. For too long I've been a "non-hoop" quilter, but the size of this quilt made me think that the frame would be the best method. It just didn't work for me, so now I'll wrestle with the mass of least it keeps me nice and toasty warm in our unusually cold Oklahoma weather.

I've been busy with new quilt plans, but that news will have to wait until tomorrow. I'm so to bed I go.