Olive Branch, MS

Greetings from Olive Branch, MS....My friend, Faith, and I just arrived at our hotel a bit before 12 mid-night. Normally my dh makes hotel reservation online, but I decided not to do that because I wasn't sure how far I'd feel like driving. Well, about 11PM I knew I wanted to be done for the night. After stops at 3 hotels and finding each one booked, I was beginning to regret my decision not to make online reservations. The 3rd hotel (a Hampton Inn) was kind enough to give me directions to a hotel 5 miles down the road that had rooms available. What a relief to have a room for the night. The check in person was pleasant and nice...another blessing. But when Faith and I tried to open our room's door it wouldn't work, and I was sure that I could hear a loud TV on in the room. As soon as I identified myself to the clerk at the front desk (on a house phone), she began to apologize...she had realized her mistake after I left the desk and had been waiting for me to come back. Humor is a wonderful diffusor, and I appreciated the good laugh of imaging what would have happened if I had boldly walked into someone's room. How thankful I am that they had the TV turn up loudly! :)

Toni, thank you for reminding me that I LOVE to travel...I wasn't looking forward to this last minute trip...but Faith (Mark's girlfriend, son #3) and I had a good time chatting and listening to The Magicians Nephew (Chronicles of Narnia book 1) on my ipod.

Also, thanks to all of you for your encouragement and travel wishes. I cannot wait to tell you all why I'm going to be in Atlanta, GA on Thursday. No, it has nothing to do with quilting. I'm doing my husband a BIG favor and now that I've left home and am on the rode, I think this whole thing is great fun.

Til tomorrow...bye.