Monday Madness

There was no quilting yesterday, instead I officially began my Christmas shopping. Busy, busy...Faith came over last night and helped me get the house cleaned and in order for my parents arrival tonight. They'll be here just overnight since the family is all getting together at one of my sister's in the St. Louis, MO area this weekend.
After all our cleaning...was done, Faith and I added some more ornaments to the tree. It was relaxing to sit and chat while putting hooks on the ornaments. I still have to get my angel ornament collection on the tree...My ornaments were moved from their spot in the barn...and I've had a difficult time finding everything. This year is the first time I've ever added candy canes to a tree...figured the boys (men) would enjoy eating them. I'll probably have to tell them NOT to eat the candy canes in order for them TO eat them....We'll see how much they have all really grown up.

Everything is in order and ready, so I'm off to the barn to work on a quilt that needs to be done soon. I joined Netflix and my first DVDs arrived yesterday. I'm looking forward to watching the 1978 British series, "All Creatures Great and Small." It will be a good break from watching the 3rd season of 24.