Christmas Preparations

Tonight the family who was around got together for dinner and decorating. Christmas now seems real to me this year. It's amazing what a tree and bit of holly does! I so like having the girls all around! After years and years of just boys, it is like a breath of fresh air to have girls around who like to decorate and arrange things. While the girls decorated the guys watched a STUPID show on TV...I can only say that I was very glad to not have to sit through that show!
Our grandson discovered that he can sit upright under the tree. It became his own special spot, a magical little place full of lights which he loves. As we were taking a break eating our incredible Italian cream cake, Markus found a bag of canned goods which he worked diligently to drag over to the tree. He then proceeded to unload each can-and there were a lot of them-and arrange them deep under the tree. He was a very happy little tree camper.
Ashley was busy behind the tree straightening branches while Katie was busy under the playing with Markus.

My dear MIL made this beautiful tree skirt for us a number of years ago. I just love it!

Although the tree will get more ornaments....on it tomorrow, I am thrilled to have it set up, the stocking hung, and other decorations put in place.
This is a quilt that I bought years ago.
My Mom made this quilted table cloth. I love it! It is also reversible.
And so I am on my way to Christmasville...
Merry Christmas!!