A Better Picture

I took the quilt down to my quilting studio, and I was able to pin it to the wall for a better picture.

Tomorrow I'm leaving on a trip...I'll still be online, but I won't be getting any quilting done.

This unexpected trip has placed a small panic within me. How in the world am I going to get everything ready for Christmas and the boys coming home? There is so much to do and being gone for 5 days doesn't fit into my plans. I've got to learn to enjoy the journey...

So in honor of this finished quilt top:
I will chose to be grateful for:

the companionship of our dogs,
yummy cookies,
sons coming home for Christmas,
left-over meatloaf made by my dh,
a car I love to drive, my ipod and audible.com (good things for a long road trip) AND MY TRIP TO ATLANTA! ;-)