Atlanta, GA

Faith and I made it into Atlanta, GA around 5:30P:M EST. It was a pretty easy trip in. We finished listening to The Magician's Nephew and then began All Creatures Great and Small by James Harriott. She'd never heard of the Yorkshire vet, so I thought it would be a good introduction. Listening to the first chapter of the difficult calf birthing was more than interesting for her. lol It provided a good laugh for me.
After settling into our room and phone calls to and from our men, letting them know we were here...., we set off to the mall (Lenox Square), a short walk across the street. I was able to pick a few items up for my hubby, so I can now say that I have officially begun to do my Christmas shopping. Also, spending time walking through the mall with Faith provided some good ideas for gifts for the two of them. We soon realized that we were very hungry.

Houston's, a wonderful restaurant, was just one block away and a nice walk. We enjoyed a great wild mushroom soup, Tai steak salads, and to top it all off we finished with a decadent nut fudge brownie! Oh my...we are full and content and ready for a good night's sleep.

Tomorrow we have our "business meeting" at 2:00PM and then we should be back on the road by 4PM. I hope to get back to Olive Branch, MS tomorrow night.

It has been great fun to take this road trip with all of you. :-) A big group dinner with you all would have been great fun tonight.

Tomorrow I will TRY to remember to take a few pictures of our travels...

See ya...