No quilting today...worked all day and tomorrow will be the same. I did just a bit of hand quilting on the Road to Oklahoma, but I'm so tired...need to post quickly and then sleep.

This is my first, and only, sampler. My mom and I went to a class in 1987 or so and did all our piece work by hand. My parents were newly home from Ecuador, South America and it was enjoyable to spend time with my mom after so many years of being a world apart. This sampler feels like a time capsule to me. It really was a different world back then. No internet which means not IM, no e-mails, no blogs or webcams...even long distance phone calls weren't really an option...far too expensive. Snail mail and an occasional, as in once or twice a year, phone call vie a HAM radio operator ("hello, you, over...") was our only method of communication. This quilt has been stored away far too long. Do you notice its age spot? It is something that both the quilt and I have in common that neither of us had 20 years ago. I'm working on my age spot and need to do the same this quilt.
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