Road to Oklahoma Quilts

When I was slowly waking up this morning I realized that I messed up my Rd. to OK intended blog. Does this show a blog addiction when I mentally think in terms of what will make a good post?

For several weeks I have been looking forward to sharing some other Rd to OK quilts that where made at the same time by a number of friends...then in my excitement over finishing the quilt late last night, I forgot all about it.

Our whole married life we lived in PA until 1995 when we decided to move to Oklahoma. In times of stress I look for ways to escape and quilting has provided some excellent escape routes over the years. The Road to Oklahoma just seemed a perfect quilt to make as we prepared for our major move. I had a great network of friends who just happened to be quilters there in PA. A few of them jumped on the wagon with me and made their quilts at the same time.

Laureen's version of the Road to Oklahoma.

Sue S.'s quilt done in her favorite colors.

I loved the pattern so much that I decided to make my first mini-quilt. This was just too much fun until I LOST one teeny, tiny block. I looked high and tiny block. The next day when I took some clothes out of the dry THERE was my tiny little block stuck in the dryer's vent. Evidently, it had stuck to my clothes when I was working on the mini. I was so glad to see it! I don't like the quilted circles in the border area. I've just never got around to ripping it out. Someday...
Next post will be how to make a Fluffanutter sandwich!