Post Thanksgiving

Our third son had a short leave from USMAPS, and it was wonderful to see him!

This is Mark being a good sport and showing off Hour #10 of the Gratitudes Quilt for me.

Here are five of my six men at home with us.

Our thoughts and prayers continue to be with Jonathan, our 4th son, in Afghanistan who we greatly missed this past week and everyday.

Our boys were with the families of their girls this year for Thanksgiving, so we had a non-traditional Thanksgiving dinner last night.
I had fun reading many of your menus this past week. So here are a few pics of our dinner last night.

It was delicious, simple and greatly appreciated by our seafood loving sons. Our Oklahoma girls (daughter-in-law and girlfriends) are great sports trying many different kinds of seafood for the first time.

What I'm grateful for today:
*Time with family this past week.
*Jonathan's safety these last months away.
*Jonathan's upcoming Christmas leave.
*Homemade oyster stew
*Relaxing time hand quilting (utility stitch fans on a baby quilt)