One, Two, Three

Project One: Colorsplash Trip Around the World
The panels are all sewn together and ready for cutting into 2" strips.

Project Two: Gratitudes Quilt
Hour #8 is completed. I cannot wait to sew the top together and add the borders. I've had to put this project on hold until I completed the 12 Snowflake blocks.

Project Three: Snowflake Quilt
The 12 blocks are complete! It was a great sewing Saturday...I survived the flying geese and actually ended up enjoying them. This quilt cannot progress further until the 6 cream blocks have their embroidery work done which a friend is doing. I'm just so glad to have the blocks done. Now I can move back to the Gratitudes quilt for a few days, and maybe just maybe finish the top off.

This quilting blog has been such a source of encouragement to me! Thank you to all you who read my blog and leave comments. Being able to post my quilting progress and get feed back is such fun. Not only is it fun to read other's blogs, it is very helpful as well.