More on the Utility Fans

Libby asked, "are you using a stencil or free-hand or some other method?"
I think all the above might be the right answer.

I'm using an old movie film case as a guide then I'm free-hand drawing the fan lines. The old film case just happened to be on my desk when I was trying to figure out what would work.

Yesterday I picked up "View & Do Circles" thinking that this might give me an easier, smooth method, but I'm not so sure since the circles are an inch wide and I've been doing about3/4 of an inch.

This morning our son & dil went to the doctor's and found out that baby #2 is a................BOY!!
So this pink baby quilt will not be for baby #2. It will have to wait for a future grand baby. We are of course delighted to have yet another boy join our family. I cannot even imagine what a baby girl would be like. lol