Hour #9 Completed

We had a nice, simple dinner with the family tonight. It is fun to have them gather for our once a week dinner. Tonight was simple: salad & little mini-pizzas made with English muffins.
The guys and girls seemed to enjoy making their own little pizzas. I don't think I ever let my boys do this when they were little. I would have been afraid of the potential mess...so now they came enjoy doing it as adults. :-)

After they all departed and the house was back in order, I finished off hour #9. fun, fun....to see the top (minus the borders) all together!

This quilt is still an orphan...I don't know who will get it yet. Usually I make quilts with a recipient in mind. This one has been different. I'd really like to keep it. If I gave it to dh for Christmas then I could technically still keep it, right? lol