Gratitude Quilt Progress Report

Judy's directions are very clear and easy to follow. Yesterday and today I have been able to get caught up.

Hour #1-made 80 HSTs (half square triangles).

Hour #2 in progress.

Hour #2 completed with the use of my favorite Olfa cutter
Hour #3 completed by combining pieces from hours #1&2.

Now that I'm up to date on this project I can continue my work on the Colorsplash Trip Around the World.

This afternoon I took a quilting break, and we went to Markus's 2 year birthday party. It is one thing to get use to being a "grandmother," but quiet another thing to be the grandmother of a two year old! lol

Where has time gone?

This is the baby quilt I made for Markus before he was born.

I have fond memories of the days I spent stitching this. We were in the process of moving from our home in town. On my birthday, April 1st, two and a half years ago, I spent the day on our country property that we were preparing to move to. I had set up my sewing machine and all my quilting "stuff" in our barn and threw the big door open. The day was incredibly beautiful. My dh surprised me with a bagged lunch, a vase of daisies and my favorite cookies. After our lunch he left me to my quilting which was a wonderful gift. As I sewed I wondered what this new little life would be like. What would it be like to be a grandmother? And I prayed for this little yet unknown baby. What a blessing he has turned out to be! Happy birthday dear Markus....