A Fluffanutter Sandwich

No turkey photos on my blog today. When you all get tired of turkey leftovers then try one of my favorite sandwiches.
I am originally from Massachusetts. Fluffanutter sandwiches were a part of my childhood. Only upon moving to Oklahoma did I realize that the rest of world didn't know and love Fluff. So as promised here is the explanation of a Fluffanutter sandwich.

Key ingredients: Fluff, peanut butter, one slice of bread.
Wonder Bread use to be THE bread to use because it was so soft. Here I opted for a more health choice which is a bit funny given the other ingredients.

Step One: spread peanut butter all over the bread.

Step Two: get a big gob of Fluff on your knife.

Step Three: Spread the Fluff around.

Step Four: Fold the bread in half.
To me the best Fluffanutter sandwich is one that you fold in half. The whole grain bread doesn't make a good fold. You can now see why Wonder Bread works much better. It makes a beautiful folded half sandwich.

Real Fluff isn't sold here in OK. The container in this photo actually came from our recent trip back east. One day we stopped at a little corner store in CT where I just had to get a jar of Fluff. It was a hard squeeze to get it into my suitcase, but it was well worth the effort.