Whirlwind Weekend

Our time with Mark, son #3, at USMAPS Parent's Weekend has been wonderful!

Me, Mark, girlfriend Faith, dh Tim
Once he was released on Saturday we hit the road. Saturday night we were in CT, Sunday night with family in VT where the girls were able to get to Country Treasures quilt shop in Chester, VT. yippee!! Faith picked out a quilt pattern and fabric for her first quilting project. I will have fun teaching and helping her. Once I'm home I'll try to get the fabric...posted.
Tim's mother and father are both great quilters! Our stay with them in VT was so fun! Corn chowder, extra sharp cheddar cheese, crisp fresh apples, lemon merg. pie, crispy bacon, blueberry pancakes, fresh apple cider....there's nothing likes mom and dad's cooking!!
Here's mom with her newly finished quilt for her daughter in OR.

Delectable Mountains

This is dad's scrap Christmas quilt.

I have to put one photo of the beautiful New England scenery that we have so enjoyed this weekend.

My ds Mark at his father's favorite childhood fishing hole in Mount Holly, VT.