Scrappy Pinapple

Well, I'm onto my next "unfinished project"-the scrap pinapple that is one of my all time favorites! I have only two side borders and the corner pieces to add on. Yesterday, I took this with me to the longarm quilter to see what they would suggest. Since the piecing is the highlight of the quilt and I don't want to lose that, it would have to be customer quilted which costs a small fortune. So I've decided to do it myself by machine quilting the pinapple piecing and the piano key borders and hand quilting the white border areas. It will be a big project and not one that I really look forward to, but after discussing it with my Mom, I think it is the way to go. Not yet sure what pattern I'll use in the white border area. Any suggestions? Once I get started it should be enjoyable.

My sense of accomplishment yesterday after dropping off the two quilt tops at the longarmer was incredible! What a motivator to finish tops off. I think I'm hooked! The two ladies that own the business were wonderful encouragers and oh-ed and ah-ed at all the right times. Their work is beautiful, and I cannot wait to see how my quilts turn out!

I need to find a way to hang my quilts in order to take better photos of them. I would love a long clothsline outside that I could pin them to and take each ones' photo. The outdoor lighting would be much better than what I can get in the house. How hard is it to make a clothsline??
Also, I'm going to turn part of Tim's office into a sewing room. I'm not ready to leave the house to quilt, but I'd like to have my big cutting table set up in there and have the option to work there if I wanted to. The other night when I was ironing the large backing material I longed for my huge cutting table to work on.