Encouragement--Amy's Sampler

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Patty, Cheryl, Dad, Amy, Mom

My sisters & parents are some of my biggest encouragers. Although there is almost six years between each of the three of us girls, and we grew up with very different backgrounds and don't live near each other now, we are close. The above statements need some clarification. Our parents were missionaries and moved to Ecuador, South America when I was entering college at the age of 17. Patty, sister #2, was 11 and Amy, sister #3, was 5 when they all moved to Ecuador.

The family moved back to the states when Patty graduated from high school and Amy was entering high school. Our high school years give a simple example of our very different backgrounds: Cheryl--high school in Maine; Patty--high school at boarding school (which she LOVED!) in Quito, Ecuador; Amy--high school in St. Louis, MO.

Although we are three sisters, my mom is definitely one of the girls. We have encouraged, supported, loved, disagreed, argued and stood together through the years and our quilts can tell some of our stories. So I'm excited that Amy has been motivated to dig out her UFO, a sampler quilt with colors that I love! Posted by Picasa

I love samplers and cannot wait to see hers completed! She has 3 blocks done. I shared with her how a many of you have committed one hour a day for your quilting and the progress that is possible with just that one hour.

Go for it, Amy!!

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