A Grammy Quilt

I made a comment about being "unimpressed" with my mother's (and mine) Slash the Stash quilt; never thinking about how my Mom, who has this very quilt on her bed right now, would feel. I'm so sorry...I've since deleted my comment. Truly, the Slash A Stash is a fun quilt and its funkiness grows on you. :)

My Mom's quilts are wonderfully special to each one of us in the family. For years she has been blessing all of us with cherished "Grammy quilts." Her quilts are tailor made to each recipient; for the little ones they are colorful and fun; the the older one are built around a favorite color or fabric and tend to be more complex and detailed.

Throughout this blog I plan to share the quilts that she has showered upon our family. I'm hopeful that soon she'll begin her own quilting post! :-) This is the quilt she made Isaac for Christmas 2005.

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