Camping & Quilting the Snowball Quilt

Yesterday I mentioned how my mom and I used to quilt while camping. I thought it would be fun to show you all some of our camping projects.

This was our project for 1995 while camping in the Cumberland Lake area of Kentucky (my parents lived in MO then and we lived in PA at the time). We had such fun sewing across from one another. The project this year was a Snowball Quilt wallhanging shown here and a scrap quilt that I'll save for another post. I love to see patterns done in different fabrics. My colors are of course the autumn tones, while my mom's are the wonderful winter colors which she wears so beautifully. We chose this pattern because I had already made a quilt with friends for a new bride.

The quilt for the new bride needed to come together quickly because we had only one day to piece it together. I think that the bride's colors worked very well with the pattern. We saved the sandwiching and quilting for another day. Not only did we give a wonderful gift, but we made a wonderful quilting memory that now years later is still remembered warmly even though many miles seperate me from these friends.

1995 Snowball Quilting Party for Elaine:

It is fun to see the Snowball quilt full size and also the look of it done as small wallhangings.