Slash A Stash Quilt

Today I worked on the two borders. I began this lap quilt last year. Once the top was pieced I become bored and set it aside. My mom and I saw this done up in a quilt shop and it interested us both because it was so different from what we would normally do. It is loud, busy and very funky. It was wonderful to just get the borders all on. I think I'm going to send it off to the quilter. The thought of working on machine quilting with it is NOT appealing. Plus, I feel like I'm on a roll getting the borders on several tops that have been sitting around for too long.
I'm anxious to begin a new quilt, but I'm determined to get two more quilts completed with their borders before allowing myself the fun of planning a new project. Right now I like the thought of lap quilts for possible Christmas gifts. We'll have to see what happens.