A Walk

Becoming truly aware of your own ability to actually set the wheels of creation in motion because of a choice you've made is the essence of what gives any life meaning and purpose.   -Caroline Myss

Little John Dwarf Bottlebrush Shrub
Callistemon viminalis

A simple photo walk turned a grey day bright and gave me insights much needed. 


Recently during my morning readings 
the word and concept of "space" continues to come up. 
Space to breath, to expand, to create, to connect, to be still. 

"For it is only framed in space that beauty blooms. 
Only in space are events and objects and people unique and significant--
and therefore beautiful." 
~Anne Murrow Lindbergh in Gift from the Sea.

Here is the shot right out my camera.
I used MCP's Remember When action in Lightroom 3 to soften the colors then
I used Kim Klassen's Plaster Squared texture twice and added my text in Photoshop Elements 10.
I love how the texture lightened the photo.

The cookie sheet is my background in all of these.
The bottle was a beach find.
Once again, I have no idea what type of flower this is.

 I love the soft, subtle colors 
Here are some other shots from the session.



 Textured using "Embrace" by Kim Klassen
Flower from my front porch.
It makes me think of a page torn out of a sketchbook.
This plant has been a good subject for me; however, it is dying. 
Since the ticket with the name of the plant was in Spanish I'm not sure what it was. 
To those green thumbs out there {Elaine, Mom...} what is it? 
Does it like the sun or the shade? 
Lots of water or a little? 
I would like to NOT kill all my new plants and flowers.
Please advise.

I will leave you with last night's moon rising. So different from the night before. 
It was spinkling...umbrella & tripod kept me out til the clouds enveloped the light.

Link with

A Pointsettia

I bought my first plant here in Puerto Rico.
 Love new growth  on a plant...and having a macro lens to capture it with. 
 Leaves intrigue me. 
 Can you see the above leaf's reflection (or is it a shadow?) in the water?
 We had rain today.

These next pics show the difference camera settings can make.
The poinsettia  is on the second floor balcony; I'm pointing the camera down towards the ground fence.
f/22.0     ISO 2500
  f/9.0     ISO 500
 f/4.5     ISO 100
The resulting bokeh (blur) of a low f stop allows the subject to shine instead of getting lost in the background noise.
I changed my angle and used the green trees on the other side of the fence as my background.
 I hope the poinsettia likes its new home. 

f/2.8    ISO 100
Negative space bring such simplicity and clarity to an image.